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Tips & Tricks For Recording Disc Golf Videos

So, why use video to interact with your community?

People buy you, then your business. It can also be said that people do business with people they trust. And what’s the quickest way to build your know, like and trust factors?

With video, of course!

In this series, I’ve put together some of my favorite Tips & Tricks For Recording Disc Golf Videos for creating disc golf video content. Create connections with your disc golf community and keep your audience engaged from start to finish.


Video is the quickest way to create connections with your community, and build your know, like and trust factor with your audience.

It covers everything from background branding and content creation, to thumbnail designs and the strategy behind naming your videos!

create connections

Your disc golf videos should provide instantly value

When developing content for disc golf, the best disc golf value videos come from sharing the same strategies that have helped you throughout your disc golf career.

It could be putting tips, ways to move past mental blocks or strategies to analyze your next shot. Whatever your topic, remember this –

When you use personal experience as the driving force behind your video topics, it allows you to create emotional connections between your community and brand.

When you’re thinking about what type of content to create, give your community quick tips they can use to instantly improve their disc golf game. If they apply it, and it works, you gain a loyal fan for life.

The first 15 seconds of the video should be used to capture the viewer’s attention and let them know why they should keep watching. While the rest of the video should be the educational part. The best value videos are between 2 – 5 minutes.

Hope these essential guidelines allow you to think about creating disc golf videos in a different way!

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