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eCommerce web design, branding + digital launch

combining branding and design with strategic marketing allowed us to create an inspired and easily identifiable brand while generating additional revenue for the client. this fun, relatable brand appeals to a wide audience while creating an emotional connection


  • Flower To The People


  • Web Design
  • Custom Email Setup
  • Visual Brand Identity


  • 20 Pages
  • WooCommerce
  • Checkout + Cart
  • Sale Specific Content
  • WordPress Build


  • Social Profile Setup
  • On-Going Support
  • Print Visuals
  • Product Shots

style and imagery



bebas nue 70pt

Bebas Nue 37pt

Montserrat Regular 22pt


Everything you see, from digital design and print visuals, to the product shots and eCommerce setup, was done in-house by our YEM Design team.

Main Pages

Design research is a necessary ingredient for creating, developing, and delivering a successful brand that is relatable to consumers. For this client, a name was selected that evokes emotion. When consumers feel something about a brand, they’re more engaged, more loyal, and more likely to take action. The visual assets, from colors and logos, to textures and images were specifically chosen to help transform the brand assets into an inspiring experience that drives an emotional response.

With the implementation of a digital eCommerce solution with easy to use checkout system, the client has seen a marked increase in traffic, sales, and repeat customers.