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Behind The Branding – The Drop Zone DG Podcast

Have you seen this logo flying around the Ontario Disc Golf Community? Maybe in the air, or on the airwaves?

What makes The Drop Zone Podcast so special is @dusty17916 celebrates the Ontario Disc Golf Communities past, present and future. What makes it extra special for me is being trusted with the visual branding and design for the podcast.

In this series, I sharing the design strategies we used to ace the branding for The Drop Zone DG Podcast. I go into details about the logo, visual brand elements and social post strategies we used to make sure that each of the visual brand elements truly represented @dusty17916, and what @thedropzonedg is trying to achieve.

The visible elements of your brand such key colors, fonts, textures, accent elements and imagery should reflect your own personal energy and individuality. They should identify and distinguish your brand in the mind of your community.


The approach for the logo was to create a design that was simple, relevant, memorable, timeless and versatile.

Black and white was used as the image style across the site and social posts to continue the visual brand story.

By using a darker color palette, it allows color to be more impactful when it is used.

For The Drop Zone, when Dusty asked me about using color, I suggested using color to create connected themes. As an example of this, if he were to break down episodes by season, he could have the season 1 promo post title text be in yellow, while season 2 episode promo posts could be blue, season 3 red, and so on.

To bring depth to the design, and create deeper connections with the community, we used textures. Your community wants to feel connected to your content. By using textures in digital design helps make the content feel tangible. Like they can reach out and touch it. The type of texture you use should match your brand.




For the color palette, we went with a Black, White & Grey theme. From a design perspective, using a black and grey color palette allows for higher contrast and legibility. It also conveys modern and bold thinking.



For The Drop Zone, I used a simple geometric pattern to match the vibe of the font and colors. I also used a cement type texture to provide variety and extra grit to the designs.


Accent Elements

Accent elements enhance the brand visuals. In the case of The Drop Zone, the border wave and dusty baskets create movement in design and deeper connections with the disc golf community.

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