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hey, there!
I’m Jess.

Kick-ass disc golfer, adventurous Phish phan, and the one woman show behind You Enjoy My Designs. Since moving to Toronto in 2014, I’ve changed careers from medicine to all things digital. On that journey, I’ve worked as the creative director on 6 figure digital marketing campaigns for influencers across North America.

Now I work with disc golf brands and businesses from all over the world with their digital strategy, branding and design.

The mission? Empower disc golf brands and businesses with the tools and strategies they need to inspire community and loyalty from their customers.

I believe that good design creates meaningful connections and leaves strong, lasting impressions with your community while consistent design allows you to extend your story visually to create a cohesive brand message.  

why use a design first approach

When you build your brand identity on the foundation of emotional connection, you reinforce your core values, strengthen customer loyalty, and ultimately increase your bottom line