calling all Disc Golf Community Members, Players & leaders

wish you had a way to continually grow, support and promote your disc golf community?

These 5 simple strategies for your Facebook Page or Group will help you crush your disc golf club goals

i’ve put together 5 different tips that will transform the way you interact with your disc golf community


simple strategies to connect players with your club


creative ways to keep your community in the inner circle 


innovative ideas to make sure your club keeps growing

Bring awareness to your disc golf club, create lifelong connections within the sport, and foster the next generation of players.

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hi, i’m jess

aka The Island Sparrow

A Canadian Disc Golfer with 11 years in the game

I’m also a digital design expert, brand marketing specialist and the one woman show behind You Enjoy My Designs.

With over a decade of Disc Golf experience and a brief stint on the PDGA tour, the thought of playing a round of disc golf and chatting with my friends still brings the warm and fuzzies.

I’ve formed lifelong relationships because of disc golf, and continue to play the game because of the people.

That’s why I’ve put together this collection of 5 mando tips you can use today to help bring awareness to your disc golf club,  create connections within your community and foster the next generation of players. I’ve used these exact strategies with my clients and been blown away by how much they’ve helped them grow their own communities.

this is your twooooooo minutesssssssss……

Although I use a Disc Golf club as the example, these tips and strategies can be applied to any type of business or brand!

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