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Meet jess sparrow

Digital design expert, brand marketing specialist and the one woman show behind You Enjoy My Designs.
She’s also a disc golfer in Toronto, Ontario with over 13 years in the game.

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Discover how you can  support, promote and grow your disc golf club, event or brand using a digital and design first approach

what we do

We specialize in helping disc golf clubs, courses, events, brands and businesses refine their digital strategy, create the perfect brand message and design engaging visuals that support, promote and grow their disc golf missions.

website design

Tournament Websites, eCommerce Stores, Player Portfolios, Membership Sites. Event Pages, Links, Libraries and more!!

logos & branding

Disc Golf Club & Course Logos. Event Branding. Tournament Emblems. Team Badges.
Visual Brand Identities Include Fonts And Colors!

creative design

Player Manuals. Event Flyers. Tee Signs. Bag Tags. T-Shirt Art. Player Trading Cards. Course Caddy Books. Stickers. Tour Posters. And More!

event promotion

Promo Strategy & Implementation. Content Creation. Image Designs. Marketing Manual. 2 Week, 30 Day, 90 Day Promotion Cycles. And More!

social design

Social Profile Setup + Refine. Content Creation.
Post Image Design. Social Covers & Icons. Strategy. Management. And More!

brand management

Digital Growth Strategies. Brand Message Development. Marketing Automation. Sales Funnel Setup. Business Consulting. And More!

fresh ideas. expert advice.

Having someone in your corner who understands the game is essential to growing any brand, especially a disc golf one.

years as a digital designer

years as a brand marketing specialist

years in the game of disc golf (FPO)

years (lifetime) as a creative artist

using good digital and creative design to put the player experience first

Whether it’s a player, a customer or a fan, their user experience is extremely important and should come first. That includes how they navigate your digital and interact with your brand, the words you choose and how you communicate your message as well as ease of access to important club, course, event, brand, business or community information.

our latest work

Trusted by your favorite disc golf brands, You Enjoy My Design combines digital strategy and creative design to make sure your brand is reflected in everything you do.

we work with everyone

Whether you’re a disc golf club, course, tournament, event, brand or business, good digital and brand design can create meaningful connections and leave strong lasting impressions with the disc golf community, and beyond.

Every project. Every design. Every website. Every social post. Every new disc golf brand released into the world is a love letter to the community I now call friend, family and home. 

The mission? To empower disc golf leaders with the digital strategy and creative design tools they need to bring awareness to the sport, create deeper connections within the community and foster the next generation of disc golfers

Clubs + courses

When we plan to visit a new disc golf course, the first place we often look is on the clubs’ digital (like their Facebook Page or Facebook Group or Instagram) for league information, available maps, or course rules. After all, we want to know what the community is all about before we attend!

With that in mind, it should be quick and easy for new and veteran players alike to find the information they are looking for in order to participate in your disc golf community. They should be able to easily understand the information presented, even at a glance.

With a good digital strategy, brand messaging and creative design strategy, you can engage with your community, encourage participation and promote growth. Help bring awareness to the sport, create connections within your community and foster the next generation of disc golfers.

Tournaments + Events

Although the “build it they will come” adage applies to disc golf, you need a well rounded digital strategy to help support, promote and grow your event.

Beyond seeking to fill registrations, having a plan in place to highlight your history, promote key community sponsorships and hype up your event is essential in providing a well-rounded and professional player experience.

Equally as important as the player experience is making people feel like they are part of your community, even from their couch. By using good digital strategy, brand messaging and creative design across your social media, website and in your emails you reinforce your disc golf message and put your brand front of mind.

Oh, and don’t forget to use good digital and design to shed a spotlight on the team behind the disc golf dream!

brands + businesses

Whether you’re looking to push sales or promote your disc golf mission, good digital strategy and creative design can help inspire community and loyalty from your customers.

When your disc golf digital looks professional, it also brings heightened awareness to your brand. Not to mention, when it looks PRO you get treated like one. Sponsors will be more likely to get on board, players will be more likely to participate and people from outside the disc golf community start to take notice.

Now, consider that there are those who want to support your disc golf mission but may not be disc golfers. You can apply creative front of mind design strategies when planning your marketing and merch so you can create deeper connections within the disc golf community and beyond!

“The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.” — Steve Jobs

the details matter and should be by design.

Whether it’s developing an online presence, choosing a social platform, or creating a communication strategy, having a plan in place for your digital is essential. It provides you the opportunity to plan ahead, maximizes every touch point with your audience and allows you to focus your energy on building deeper connections within the disc golf community and beyond.

a good digital strategy puts the player experience first.

branding is where the visual meets the vibe - the promise to your community

From Our Clients

We create digital and design solutions that meet your disc golf needs and the results speak for themselves.

“Jess was a breeze to work with! She was flexible, organised, and made it easy to get her what she needed to complete these projects! She was uplifting throughout and had great feedback for the future! I highly recommend working with You Enjoy My Design.”

colleen mcinnes

PDGA 78677 , Ladies of The Creek at Bronte

” Jess was an amazing resource in planning and developing all the communications for my disc golf event. She came forward with a variety of options and made adjustments and recommendations based on my ideas and feedback. She is a true professional and I cannot wait to work with her again on a future project.”

marlon canales

PDGA 137951, Learn to Play Disc Golf & Beaches Cleanup 2022, Toronto Sunday Club

“It is always a pleasure working with Jess and You Enjoy My Designs. I can trust Jess to consistently design eye-catching products for my business that help us stand out from the crowd. Jess has designed our website and various other print materials and she is a highly valued asset to us.”

jamie brow

PDGA 62676, Above All Awnings

“Been loving your posts about TIML. Your work is amazing! You’re great at it! Easily the best digital media for any tournament that I’ve ever seen ”

poppy sanders

PDGA 79535, Toronto Women’s Disc Golf Club